٦ طرق للتنسيق من مسلسل فتاة النميمة

Hello, upper east siders! Let’s gossip about 6 scarf styling inspirations we can still wear today!

The 'It Bag' Effect

There’s an undeniable trend going on that has all of us hanging and tying beautiful little things to our precious, precious bags. It is not new, nor uncommon for us to want to add accessories to our bags like a scarf or a key chain or even some bling! It seems, however that it has become a must!

Color and Me

I was always in love with bright happy colors and their effect on me and the people around me. However, I must say that I was first introduced to color as a science by my friend @coach_abeer who is a color analyst and a life coach, then, I met @thegraciousF who is a color expert and consultant and went into further depths about the psychology behind color and its effects.