The Art of Gifting

When we first started Annada we designed our collection, with the intention of creating the perfect gift, even for yourself. It’s important to treat oneself, and to celebrate the purchase you make.

The Statement Headpiece

I have been observing dressing styles over the years, and have come to realize that how you adorn your hair or head is just as important as the outfit you are wearing.

Successful Style Formula

What do Karl Lagerfeld, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton, and Carolina Herrera all have in common? 

Annada Silk

How much do you know about Annada silk?
At Annada we take pride in sourcing the finest materials to bring art to life. Click here to read the origins of our signature silk, and how to take care of your Annada silk art pieces.

Face Mask FAQ
The Annada mask sets are part of the Cover-Up for a Good Cause campaign. Want to learn more about the cause, and the mask set? We've answered all your questions... Click here to read more.
What Mother's Day Means to Us

A letter to our mother, and to all mothers on this special day.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Each artwork that we share through our products has a story. Here's our guide for every kind of mother in your life, and the art they might connect with.

Annada Cashmere

How much do you know about your cashmere? 

Here at Annada we take pride in sourcing the finest materials to bring art to life. Click here to read the origins of our cashmere, and how to take care of your luxury scarf, so that it is as good as new for a lifetime.

Style Lessons from Jane Birkin

Ever have those days where you’re looking fashion inspiration or trying to learn the ways of a french cool girl? Us too… So we looked to no other than Jane Birkin, and put together a list of 6 style lessons to live by.

The ‘Jackie O’ Style Edition

Leading a high-profile lifestyle is certainly not easy, but that can’t be said for Jackie O. The key to her look, her favorite classic pieces, color blocking, and the staple accessories. This is a style edit to inspire the ‘Jackie O’ within you today.

6 Scarf Styles From GOSSIP GIRL

Hello, upper east siders! Let’s gossip about 6 scarf styling inspirations we can still wear today!

3 Styling Hacks For Ramadan
Do you always feel like you have nothing to wear? Click for some tips!
Are We All Artists?

We all have traits that artists have, Nada had this epiphany about all of us being artists... This can be in the way we put on our makeup, carry our conversations, our food, the colors around us and more. Find the artist in you...

3 Winter Essentials
Winter is here! The days are cold, the noons are warm and the nights are chilly. So how should I dress, you ask?
Mystery or Romance?

My new obsession is filled with mystery and romance, it’s light yet dark, set in different eras and has a wardrobe to envy. It’s leading ladies are all strong and accompanied by male characters alike. What’s your guess?

The 'It Bag' Effect

There’s an undeniable trend going on that has all of us hanging and tying beautiful little things to our precious, precious bags. It is not new, nor uncommon for us to want to add accessories to our bags like a scarf or a key chain or even some bling! It seems, however that it has become a must!

6 Years of Annada
Today we celebrate 6 years of Annada.
What a great journey. This journey has enriched us and taught us a lot. I almost remember every moment and every challenge and every win as well like it was yesterday! I must say that we are (myself and Noor) are grateful! We are grateful for all the great artists who have worked with us and who have supported us and our dream...
Color and Me

I was always in love with bright happy colors and their effect on me and the people around me. However, I must say that I was first introduced to color as a science by my friend @coach_abeer who is a color analyst and a life coach, then, I met @thegraciousF who is a color expert and consultant and went into further depths about the psychology behind color and its effects.   

The Art of Layering

Layering: an ongoing trend that we all somehow apply in our day-to-day styling. A trend that has been catching my attention more and more lately as I have been recognizing this specific styling technique for how much freedom it gives me to properly express myself through my outfits...

Reflections by Nada Alawi

It’s the end of January, and like the rest of the world, we were hardwired to spend the month reflecting upon last year as the numbers reset again. However, we are not believers in the “new year, new you” phrase, we’ve adopted more of a “new year, same you, but better” mentality.

Hello, Fall!

Hello, Fall! Hello to all that is crisp and gold, to the desired shift in color and to a warm wardrobe! The dark lipsticks are out with pride and the snug scarves are adorning our outfits, adding all the essential touches to a perfect autumnal #OOTD.