6 Scarf Styles From GOSSIP GIRL

Hello, upper east siders! Gossip Girl is coming back soon and we’re getting nostalgic!
One cannot argue that Serena and Blair were the trendsetters back in the day. From outfits to hairstyles, the girls inspired our wardrobes to be filled with headbands, scarves, accessories and so many colors!
Let’s gossip about 6 scarf styling inspirations we can still wear today: 
1. Spotted! S in a Neck-tie.
You can easily recreate this loose necktie look with Annada Slim Scarves (Click to shop)
 2. But everyone’s talking about the besties headbands!
We’ve seen many headbands during all six seasons and wanted to have them all! with “Joyous Return” Slim Scarf you can match Serena’s. (Click to shop)
Get the look with “Golden Letters” Slim Scarf. (Click to shop)
Or go colorful this summer like Blair with “Oasis” Slim Scarf. (Click to shop)
Simply tie “Be My Friend” Slim Scarf around your hair and you’re good to go. (Click to shop)
3. Rumour has it your eyes are on more Headbands!
You can fold Annada’s Silk Square Scarves as the perfect headband. For styling steps, check out the ‘Ways to wear’ cards that come in the box with every scarf. If you’re going for the color, “Roses” Silk Georgette Scarf will give you the vibe with a different look. (Click to shop)
Remember that New York moment the girls had? We can’t steal Blair’s mother’s designs but we can recreate Serena’s headband with “Studies of A Horse and Rider” Silk Square Scarf. (Click to shop)
4. Maybe take a note or two from Blair’s classic style.
Try the classic headscarf with “Hearts Within” Silk Square Scarf. (Click to shop)
5. Thank you @melody99 for taking proof of how Blair went green to save the planet!
“Blossoms Are Blooming” Mini Silk Scarf is the perfect match to Blair’s neck scarf. (Click to shop)
6. Keep warm till the news get cold.
Match the color and style with “Seasons” Silk Square Scarf. (Click to shop)
Add a pop of color to your all-white Blair outfit with “Come Fly With Me” Long Cashmere Scarf. (Click to shop)
If you prefer silk, try “Blossoms Are Blooming” Silk Square Scarf. (Click to shop)
Do it like the it-girl with “Circles of Hope” Long Cashmere Scarf. (Click to shop)
Are you ready for scarves and scandals? We can’t wait for the reboot!
Hear from me soon ;) 
xoxo, Gossip Girl!

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