Serb E'tyour Belt Set - Pink & Magenta Belt

The birth of the belt set came about after the creation of the beautiful buckle. Organic shapes of birds with spread wings overlapped, signifying a dream-like journey of expression and freedom, glisten as the light hits them. This golden piece of art is then paired with a luxurious two sided leather belt and a slim art printed scarf to match.

Enhance your choice of style with an artistic buckle and belt, or pair your buckle with the scarf and wear it as a unique wrist wrap, after all, this teal box was put together with three main elements in mind: art, versatility and elegance.


Awaiting my bird,
To come back with peace,
Oh returning flock,
I hope my bird is coming back with you…

This Bahraini folklore song that speaks of the love and yearning that is felt what a loved one travels away. The bird signifies a love that is free, a love that can travel and explore the world; and the flock signifies family, friends and companions with whom the loved one shared a journey and an experience.


Artist: Khalil Al Hashimi
Material: Silver based with silver plating.


Material: 100% Real Leather
Closure: Pin Stud
Color and Texture: Two sided; Pink (with textured pattern) on one side and Magenta (with smooth surface) on the other.


Artwork: The Letter Ha'a - Pink
Artist: Abdul Elah All Arab, Kingdom of Bahrain
Fabric: 100% Silk Twill
Size: 100 x 5 cm / 39.3 x 1.9 in