Pulse of Inspiration - Abaya (Off White)

Find luxury in fine blue, red, orange and yellow brushstrokes that shine vibrantly against the beautiful sheen of silk. Complimented with your choice of white, black or mustard reversible crepe lining, even a peak of this artwork can give you a strong desired statement.


Feeling the pulse of inspiration
rising in a world of color.
With all the thoughts of your imagination,
Drawing a story like no other.

This is the time to make a chance,
To take a leap far from the past.
Find your future in a tiny glance,
Live those moments and make them last.

Don't look so far behind,
A new light is just around.
The racing heartbeats inside me, I find,
are changing with each color and sound.

Sh. Rashid Al Khalifa, Kingdom of Bahrain

100% Silk Twill / 100% Silk Crepe

- Reversible Design
- Two functional invisible pockets

- Size 0: fits S-M (UK 6 - 10)
- Size 1: fits M-L (UK 10 - 14)
- Size 2: fits L-XL (UK 16 - 18)