Blue Sea - Signature Reversible Abaya (Light Grey)


The deep unspoken, the vast devotion,
the blue in me I call my sea.
Its’ restless waves wrestle as an ocean
until its’ rage at last breaks free.
The silence has finally spoken,
I gaze too long, can’t even breathe.
Struck by awe in a world of slow motion.
Boundless, soundless, simply complete.

- Annada

Ghassan Mohsin, Kingdom of Bahrain

100% Silk Twill / 100% Silk Crepe

- Reversible Design
- Two functional invisible pockets
- Abaya Length: 58 inches* for all size

*Limited alteration for the length can be made but shipping time may be affected accordingly. Contact us for more details.

- Size 0: fits S-M (UK 6 - 10)
- Size 1: fits M-L (UK 10 - 14)
- Size 2: fits L-XL (UK 16 - 18)