Her Story - The Headband & Mask Set
Her Story - The Headband & Mask Set

Her Story - The Headband & Mask Set

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The Headband and Mask Set is the perfect combination to stay safe and chic simultaneously. Featuring artwork Her Story by Amira Behbehani, the set comes with a single Annada Mask and a matching Braided Headband. Suitable for women and girls of all ages, this duo will be sure to keep you safe in style.

The Artist

Amira Behbehani, Kuwait

The Story

Someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother.
Her story, she whispers “is like no other”.
From hopes, dreams, joy and wonder,
she blooms to be an artist of colors.
A doctor, a nurse, a mentor, a teacher,
A queen in heart, a star and a leader.
She’ll rise and shine with a love much deeper,
in a world were all, in her, a believer.

- Annada

The Details (Mask)

- Mask Fabric: 70% Cotton, 30% Silk
- Mask Size: 8.25 x 23 cm / 3.25 x 9 in
- Adjustable Straps

The Details (Headband)

- Headband Fabric: 100% Silk Twill
- Headband Size: Standard

The Care

- Wash or launder your face mask after every use.
- To hand-wash your face mask, soak it in lukewarm water with detergent and fabric softener for 20 minutes, rinse out thoroughly.
- To machine wash your face mask, use a mild detergent on a lukewarm setting and wash with similar colors.
- Hang your mask to air dry.
- Steam or iron your face mask on a low setting to smooth out wrinkles against a flat surface, like an ironing board.
- You may dry clean your face mask.
- Do not machine dry.
- Do not bleach.
- Perfume mask if you prefer.