Sample - Blossoms Are Blooming - Scarf Top

Sample - Blossoms Are Blooming - Scarf Top

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Featuring artwork Blossoms Are Blooming by Lynn Spoor, the scarf top design is evolved from the trendy styling of two silk scarves and worn as a top. The scarf top creates the same look and feel, with no added effort, and a cut that will surely flatter.

The Artist

Lynn Spoor, Kingdom of The Netherlands

The Story

Blossoms are blooming and so am I.
I can’t hide the way I feel even if I try.
I look at you and all I see is love,
So strong from a power high above.

As summer and autumn seasons pass,
this feeling blossoms from winter to spring so fast.
Now I know, in the midst of the blast
was you, and you are mine at last.

- Annada

The Details

Fabric: 100% Silk Twill
Size: S / M / L / XL