Sample - Change of Heart - Scarf Top

Sample - Change of Heart - Scarf Top

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Featuring artwork Change of Heart by Sh. Rashid Al Khalifa, the scarf top design is evolved from the trendy styling of two silk scarves and worn as a top. The scarf top creates the same look and feel, with no added effort, and a cut that will surely flatter.

The Artist

Sh. Rashid Al Khalifa, Kingdom of Bahrain

The Story

I thought I was a constant,
I thought I'd never change.
For no one or anyone,
My heart shall not go astrange.

Now here I am embracing
my new self that I'm facing,
In this world of people,
like all those generations.

Not the heart, nor the mind,
Nothing stays the same.
The change is close in sight,
No one can stop this rising flame.

- Annada

The Details

Fabric: 100% Silk Twill
Size: S / M / L / XL