White Rainbow  - The Art Dress
White Rainbow  - The Art Dress White Rainbow  - The Art Dress


"White Rainbow while you and me...”
is a verse recited on a couple’s Jelwa
(pre-wedding traditional party) while
guests hold colorful, gold-embellished
pieces of fabrics over their heads.
Most guests sing along not knowing that the
Arabic song has this English opening line.
Even though white rainbows do not actually
exist, blending all of the rainbow colors would
result in white. Hence, exchanging colorful
fabrics over the couple’s heads to wish them
a happy, colorful life just like a rainbow...

Omar Al Rashid, Kingdom of Bahrain

100% Silk Twill

- Dress Length: 58 inches* for all size

*Limited alteration for the length can be made but shipping time may be affected accordingly. Contact us for more details.


- Free Size
- Fits Size S - XL (UK 6 - 18)