Lynn Spoor

She channeled her creative side into different sports, modeling and experimenting with a camera and fine art pencils. As a Dutch young girl, Lynn always came to Amsterdam. She studied at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she did a developing BFA in Fine Art.

She has build up a following internationally, including a long list of celebrity clients. Artists as Rohan Marley, Calvin Harris, Tiësto, and more.

Lynn is also an artist who cared and who often donates her time and artistic energy to various charity projects. She participated in auctions for the F C Cancer Foundation and 538 for War Child with donated work of arts for the fundraiser.

"I usually don't plan things in advance; I just let it happen. I am inspired by mind settings, how you can change a perspective with simplicity. Hearing sounds and seeing colors, feeling them like a texture. That small forms can turn into huge creations. Further inspiration is the experiences I got from my father’s work in paper production. The production of all kinds of textures will be processed into paper.

Different mediums allow me to express different ideas. My work is filled with rich textures, deep colors and a process of abstraction. Adding layers of paint in combination with the strength of aluminum. Most of the figures are soft and a sense of mystery.

For me, it’s a meditation and a way of a visual expression of emotions. To convey the beauty and strength in textures. A way of being emotionally expressive and always a challenge to make it interesting."

Lynn Spoor
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