Sh. Rashid Al Khalifa

Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa (b.1952) is a Bahraini artist who has been actively painting for over 40 years. He sought after higher education in Art and Design at Brighton and Hastings Art College in his early years and went on to become the first President of the Bahrain Arts Society (formed in 1983) and currently serves as its Honorary President.

He is an active Patron of the Arts, and is a mentor to many aspiring and established artists throughout the region. His artistic career has had him cover spare and elegant oils and watercolors in a representational Orientalist style as well as bold colors, and cut-out design. He has produced landscape, figurative, and abstract artwork over the years in a most beautiful and lyrical fashion.
What has gotten him this far is the essence of his work, which stems from the fact that his natural talent is combined with the dedication to practice and the honing of the most basic of artistic skills: excellent draughtsmanship.

Sh. Rashid Al Khalifa
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