Styles From Emily In Paris 
Bonjour Annada followers, today we are taking you on a fashion trip around the city of love Paris to show you some of our favorite looks of Emily and Sylvie from the two seasons. Welcome to paris.  Bad Hair Day...
Your Ideal Piece of Accessory
Glimpses of Audrey's unique styling techniques and the story behind it. Discover the reasons that make scarves the ideal accessories in your closet!
Annada, the first choice for leading ladies ..
It is nice for art to have a title, and House of Annada is par excellence the ideal destination for excellence and beauty, according to the testimony of various inspiring women from various fields.
Let us take you in depth inside the details of our new logo and the amazing elements that are now part of our brand.
Diving Into Art
Come and explore the mighty oceans of art! You will find insights about the different types of art and examples on each concept from Annada.
A Letter of Love for Mother’s Day

A love letter dedicated to the strong women around the Annada founders. 

A Word From The Heart On The Bahraini Women's Day
Bahraini Women’s Day falls on the 1st of December of every year. It is an occasion that we love to celebrate by greeting each other and showing appreciation to other Bahraini women. In this blog we share a word of gratitude to our family of women.
The Different Ways To Wear A Long Scarf
If you're hoping to go beyond that simple drape, read on for a few easy fun ways on how to tie your scarf. Helping you make the most out of this extra-stylish piece all season long!
Fashion From The House of Windsor 
A rather fun insight on the style of the 3 royal characters, Her Majesty The Queen, Princess Diana and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. 
20 Questions with Nada

Nada Alawi answers a series of 20 fun questions about her Ramadan and the latest updates at Annada in an enticing interview!

Nada's Ramadan Tips
On the blessed occasion of The Holy Month, Nada Alawi speaks about Ramadan routine and gives a few styling tips!
"Al Hamadiyat" A Royal Masterpiece
The astonishing journey of making "AlHamadiyat" in detail, a book that utilizes art to feature poetry in praise of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Get to know the early stages of the book and each step that led towards the execution of this marvellous art piece.
The Art of Journaling 
The journey it took Nada to discover the art of journaling. When did it start, What are the tools she uses, how she got through her first true attempt and how she continue to journal everyday - without fail (maybe missed a day or two only).
The 5 Languages of Love
Nada brings in Oprah's podcast episode with Dr. Gary Chapman and discusses how his book concept "The 5 Languages of Love" translates into Annada's brand through 5 aspects.
A Guide To Gifting In Color
Fatima Al Shirawi, founder of The Gracious F and expert on all things color, shares her brilliant tips on gifting in color! Here’s what she told us….
The Art of Gifting

When we first started Annada we designed our collection, with the intention of creating the perfect gift, even for yourself. It’s important to treat oneself, and to celebrate the purchase you make.

The Statement Headpiece

I have been observing dressing styles over the years, and have come to realize that how you adorn your hair or head is just as important as the outfit you are wearing.

Successful Style Formula

What do Karl Lagerfeld, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton, and Carolina Herrera all have in common? 

Annada Silk

How much do you know about Annada silk?
At Annada we take pride in sourcing the finest materials to bring art to life. Click here to read the origins of our signature silk, and how to take care of your Annada silk art pieces.

Face Mask FAQ
The Annada mask sets are part of the Cover-Up for a Good Cause campaign. Want to learn more about the cause, and the mask set? We've answered all your questions... Click here to read more.
What Mother's Day Means to Us

A letter to our mother, and to all mothers on this special day.