Founded in 2011, Annada wants to “Share art with the world”. Annada gets exclusive printing rights of artworks from artists to incorporate them into luxury lifestyle items.

Starting its journey with 2 artists; Abbas Almosawi and Hassan Haidar. Today, Annada is collaborating with a collective of 14 renowned artists including Ghassan Mohsin, Ebrahim BuSaad, Omar Al Rashid, Mariam Fakhro, Sabina Algosaibi, Naqsh Gallery, Abdul Elah Arab, Faika Al Hassan, Nabeela Al Khayer, Khalil Al Hashimi, Jamal Abdul Rahim and Areej Rajab. 

Curating art for Annada is one of the most enjoyable parts of our work. Not only do we get exposed to the most beautiful creations but we also get to choose the best of the best and the most beautiful and inspiring art to transfer it to fashion and lifestyle.

Our selection is done to reflect what we love and what inspires us, to communicate our culture and to share it with the world. This is done through color, stories, poetry, songs, calligraphy, impressionist art, contemporary art and more. Art has always been a passion of ours and happy art, in particular, inspires us to want to share it with the world.
    Abbas Almosawi Collection    Abdul Elah Arab Collection    Areej Rajab Collection    Amira Behbehani    Ebrahim BuSaad Collection    Elisabeth Bolza Collection    Faika Al Hassan Collection    Ghassan Mohsin Collection    Hassan Haidar Collection    Jamal Abdul Rahim Collection    Khalil Al Hashimi Collection        Mariam Fakhro Collection    Maryam Nass Collection    Marwa Al Khalifa        Nabeela Al Khayer Collection    Nash Gallery Collection    Nouf Semari Collection    Omar Al Rashid Collection    Rawan Alhosani Collection