Areej Rajab

Areej Rajab is an artist who is, unusually and quite utterly, unbound by the forces of genre and style. From the Masters of the Italian Renaissance to Dadaism’s rue of all things rational to Abstract Expressionism. We interpret our collective artistic heritage through groups and labels. In art, as in life, we understand one through its relationship to the other – we know dark because there is light, hot because we have experienced cold. So it is perhaps natural that an artist who innately avoids any compulsion to define herself by the binaries with which we map out our world can sit somewhat uncomfortably.

Bahraini born and raised, Areej Rajab was an artist at birth and remains one to this day. As a child, Rajab began to learn about color, materials, techniques, and applications. Rajab studied Business and General Management at the University of Bahrain, but always had a love affair with color that, as an adult, shows no signs of waning. That passion took her to the London College of Art where her true talent revealed itself fully.

"I don’t really know where to start or what to write when it comes to what I do. It's too personal, emotional, heart revealing, and deep. I could only say that I’m in love with colors. All Shades of colors. To me, each one of them translates a different emotion at a different point in time. Don’t expect a lot of words from me as I speak within my paintings".

Today, Rajab’s work touches the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts from all four corners of the globe. She has exhibited extensively throughout the Middle East including at Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture & National Museum, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia as well as across the UK.

Areej Rajab
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