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Rewards FAQ 

What is Annada Rewards Program?
Annada Rewards is the loyalty program for Annada. You can earn points for making purchases on, creating an account, following our Instagram page, and referring your friends.

Who can join?

All Annada customers are welcome to enroll in the loyalty program.
How do I join Annada Rewards?
To enroll, visit the Rewards page and click “Start Earning.”
How can I earn points?

There are plenty of ways to earn points. Please be sure to login to your account to receive points for your purchases and reviews. For every dollar you spend, you will earn 1 Point. Points will reflect purchase total after any discount has been applied. This excludes taxes, shipping and handling.

For each dollar spent 1 point
Sign up  50 points 
Follow on Instagram  100 points
On your birthday*
200 points
What are the limitations to the points I can earn?
For each dollar spent No limitations
Birthday points Limited to 100 points in a 12-month period


Do my points expire?
It's our hope that you redeem your points on a regular basis, but points have no expiry date. 
What can I redeem my Rewards Points on?
Spend points on our entire line of products within qualifying orders. You may redeem up to 1500 points ($75 off) per eligible order. Points redemption may not be combined or stacked with promotional offers and discounts.
I have a question or concern about my loyalty reward account, who do I contact?
Please contact our customer care team with any questions or concerns. You can reach them at or via WhatsApp 00973 33374004