Abdul Elah Al Arab

Abdul Elah Al Arab is known to be one of the pioneers of Arabic Calligraphy in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a student of the great Egyptian calligrapher Sayed Ebrahim. Holding a Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy and a specialty in letter formation, gliding and decorating, he became one of the founders of The Bahrain Arts Society in 1983. After gaining experience of more than 15 years, Abdul Elah Al Arab eventually founded the first school of Arabic Calligraphy in the Kingdom in 1990.

Al Arab was officially commissioned to create a copy of the constitution of the state of Bahrain in 1973 as well as creating the honorary medals of the state at the time. His most acclaimed art piece named (The “Ha’a” Formation) won the Judges Award in the 3rd International Cairo Biennale of Fine Arts Exhibition.

Abdul Elah Al Arab calligraphy style is known to be committing to the rules, foundations, and historical origins. Although his work is characterized by its much precision and perfection, it also reflects Abdul Elah’s passion for alphabetical letters and poetry.

Today, In his sixth decade of age, Abdul Elah continues to be one of the famous Bahraini artists who inspire generations of flourishing talents and his strong footprints in our history never fail to influence our artistic and cultural future.

Abdul Elah Al Arab
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