Anatomy of Annada


The Art of gifting is at the heart of each Annada product. Whether it be a gift to yourself, or someone dear. Each Annada product comes wrapped as a gift in our signature teal box, and silver ribbon.


Each Annada product is a piece of art at it’s core. We curate artwork from regional artists skilled in their mediums, and transform their works into wearable pieces, taking art beyond the canvas.


Each art piece is paired with a story that evokes a feeling we wish to share with the wearer. The sentiments of the story are another layer of the depth within the art piece, allowing the viewer to perhaps observe what they haven’t before in the artwork.


Each product is created as an artistic vessel in the highest quality to transform art into luxury. Our artisans work meticulously to weave the finest silk amplifying the colour in each artwork, while still offering the most beautiful and comfortable drape.


Annada Scarves in their versatility can be worn a number of ways. Each Annada scarf comes with a guide presenting ways to wear each art piece.


Each art piece is created with the concept of “Living in Art” kept in mind. The goal of each product is to bring art closer to you by taking it off the canvas, and off the wall. Surrounding the user in art to bring them joy and happiness. 


Annada Scarves are the core of the collection presented in the nest fabrics. Art is brought to life through our luxury wearable canvases on a variety of classic scarf shapes, allowing you to manipulate the art to suit you style needs, and inject color into your wardrobe.


The Annada ready-to-wear line is designed for the woman on the go in mind. Creating art pieces that are easy to wear, comfortable, functional, and versatile in their design.


For the diary-keepers, story-tellers and artists, Annada’s stationery is created using the finest papers to carry your thoughts, dreams and inspirations artfully. Share a written word with yourself in our notebooks perfect for journaling, or write a special note to a loved one, on a greeting card that makes the perfect keepsake.


For the diary-keepers, story-tellers and artists, Annada’s notebooks are here to carry your thoughts, dreams and inspirations.

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Put a vibrant pause to the striking words across the margin of your book and illuminate your world with your favorite piece of art.

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Sharing words of love, appreciation and gratitude through works of art will make your gifts even more sentimental.

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The perfect way to send a heartfelt message to loved ones or a simple “Wish You Were Here” with your favorite art piece on the other side.

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Designed to take your artful ensemble to new heights, the Annada accessory range can elevate a scarf, or be a standout piece on it’s own. Presented in the signature Annada fine fabrics, our accessories are hand made in our atelier, with each piece possessing the unique touch of the maker.

A versatile go-to accessory for women and girls of all ages. Boundlessly experiment with your style and explore a new world of color!


A classic yet fashion-forward art piece that will elevate any look. Suitable for women and girls of all ages, the headband is the perfect statement hair accessory.


A little touch of art can go a long way, so pick your favorite piece of art and hardware, and match it to your bag!

Bag Charms

The Annada Mask is fashioned from our luxurious cotton silk. It has adjustable straps and a double-layer design. Its’ reusable nature will reduce your environmental footprint too!

Face Masks

Hand made with natural stones and gold or silver-plated metals. Our tassels are designed to take your Annada scarf to the next level of elegance.


The artistic sculpted buckle is accompanied by a reversible leather belt offering two color choices with both a smooth and textured side. This versatile accessory is a striking art piece that will surely upgrade your outfit

Belt Sets


The Annada lifestyle range is designed as the perfect artful addition to your coffee table or vanity, including the ArtBox and the Art Book.

The art book that will bring endless inspiration into your home.


Inspire your home decor with a mesmerizing statement art piece.

Art Boxes