A Guide To Gifting In Color

With gifting season approaching, we are all looking for creative ways to give our friends something special and meaningful. I remember, when I was a child I was obsessed with what each color of rose represented. If I gave a red rose it meant love and passion, if I gave white it was to say get well soon or sympathy, I’m sure you are familiar with popular ones. That sentiment can also be applied to giving any gift.
The art has always taken center stage at Annada since our inception in 2011. Every product we create has art at its very core. The art we curate and transform into lifestyle products have always had a story or sentiment paired with it. It is important that we move the viewer, or rather, wearer, with the artwork. Evoking emotion, or feelings of happiness, wonder, or inspiration has always been our mission.
A secondary layer, often overlooked, is the color used in each art piece. The color is an essential aspect to how the artwork will be perceived… a main ingredient in the recipe of art.
Exploring the colors of an art piece can help you give the ideal gift, and transport your sentiments to a loved one seamlessly.
So I reached out to a dear and super talented friend, Fatima Al Shirawi, founder of The Gracious F (she is the gracious F!) who is an expert on all things color, for brilliant tips on giving in color! Here’s what she told us…
What does your gift say based on color and how can our ideas or feelings be shared through choosing the right color for our gifts? 
We are exposed to more than 16 million hues of colors that impact how we react towards a product, environment, or a person. Color is a wavelength of light, travelling to us from the sun. As individuals, we connect and feel these colors through their vibrations, and an interesting fact is that only 20% of our understanding of its impact is conscious.
However, there are many misconceptions about color, which we call color symbolism, due to culture, religion, or personal preferences. The fact is that no matter how much these factors play a role, unconsciously we are drawn and react to them in the manner we are supposed to.
Our attraction towards a certain color is our expression of our current state of mind for which we are drawn to certain hues of colors.
Picking the right color as a gift for yourself or loved ones would impact their emotions and add a healing attribute of these colors.
And what does it say about you, the gifter?
The science of color started to come in practice in the early 1980’s and color affects theory was established during that period. As individuals, we belong to a certain color group that identifies the ideal pallet of colors and personality attributes. Once an individual understands, learns, and recognizes the traits of the different color personalities, they can pick and select the ideal gift for themselves and their loved ones. This process also represents who you are as a gifter as you fit into a certain personality group and the gift would be an expression of who you are.
Let me give you a little summary on the color personalities, you will surely start identifying yourself with one or two groups:
FIRELIGHT: Traveler of the world, attracted to Humanitarian causes, large supporter of world common peace and growth such as ecological products, and love to research.
MORNING LIGHT: Highly intellect and love to be updated on all the new trends, love outdoor activities and social events.
DREAMLIGHT: Sophistication and heritage describe you? You love handcraft, your hobbies would include enrolling to creative courses.
STARLIGHT: Are you a leader? Always informed about world economy and geopolitical issues, love geometrical prints and clean décor?
Colors and Their Sentiments
PINK: Physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, feminist, love, sexuality, the survival of the species.
BLUE: Intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm.
YELLOW: Optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, creatively, friendliness.
GREEN: Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, awareness, equilibrium, peace, environment.
RED: Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, stimulation, masculinity, excitement.
BROWN: Seriousness, warmth, nature, earthiness, reliability, support.
Perhaps you can consider color the next time you are looking for a gift at Annada. Here are some of our favourite color-rich pieces.

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