Fashion From The House of Windsor 

The royal family has moved past frills and lace to become the pinnacle of grace and style. Here are some style inspirations from the royal icons, Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, Princess of Wales and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.


- Queen Elizabeth II 

Always chic, the queen manages to impress us all with her sense of fashion. Most of her looks are complimented with a scarf, over her head or around her neck, making it her signature touch. For a classy take on this look pair it with oversized sunglasses or keep it loose and casual for that cool, effortless feel.

Diana, Princess of Wales  

Timeless and eternal fashion styling of Lady Di continue to surface regularly as trends ladies will never forget. Whatever the occasion, she always dressed the part and kept the world expecting more. Whether it's a casual daily outfit or it's an evening gown, Diana still managed to stand out from the crowd with her unique and utterly stunning choices. Princess Diana usually wore scarves to wonderfully accentuate her outfits, and has made the head scarf increasingly popular fashion style.

 Simply drape a scarf over your head leaving bangs or front bit of head visible and wrap the ends around your neck for an effortless royal and elegant look.



 - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, always looks effortlessly stunning. She keeps it simple and nails it every single time. Her classic style is easy to be inspired from, simple trousers with blazer jackets, sweaters and dresses with basic silhouettes and even her evening dresses. She plays around with eye-catching details such as colours, prints and patterns. It is easy to achieve this look by wearing a scarf around the neck and it can look as chic on everyone.



Mirror the sophistication of these royal looks! (Click Here) 

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