The 5 Languages of Love

One of my personal values is continuous learning and I learn in many ways. I read, I listen to audio books, I listen to podcasts and watch documentaries, you name it! If it suits me, I am signed up.
One of the places I find knowledge that I like is the Oprah Winfrey Podcast Super Soul. I found a an episode where Oprah interviewed Dr. Gary Chapman about his book The 5 Languages of Love. It was an interesting concept discussing how different people express love to others.
"When we love people: friends, family members, and partners; we generally communicate in 5 different ways."
Listening to that episode made me realize how much communicating love is ingrained in the Annada DNA, and how we facilitate the communication of love. Here are a few ways that you can show love with Annada this Valentine's Day with your love language.

1.Receiving Gifts

When we first started Annada, our mission was to create beautiful scarves that would make the perfect gift. Even if the gift is for you! Tying this idea with the 5 languages of love, the immediate connection or the love language rather, is the receiving gifts. I would say that 60% of our customers and clients if not more choose Annada to give someone a meaningful gift that involves a lot of thought and a great presentation (The art of gifting). It is something that is deeply ingrained in our Middle Eastern Culture; there is a saying by the Prophet Mohammed that says “Share gifts and love one another”
which rings very true to the Arabian hospitality.Gifts have a way to someone’s heart. They soften it and the person oftens feels they immediately want to reciprocate in some way which can improve a relationship, and build strong bonds.

2.Words of Affirmation

Each artwork curated at Annada is paired with a story. Each story is an extension of the artwork, making it a beautiful sentiment to share with others when you can’t find the words yourself. Each of Annada of Annada's artworks and stories evoke a different feeling, the options are plenty. "Inta Omry' is one of the special artworks that tells a beautiful story, if you wish to express how much someone means to you. 
Another great way to share your sentiments through words of affirmation is with an artistic greeting card, ensuring that your words will last, and can be revisited by the person who you choose to share them with, making them even more special and memorable with an art piece.

3.Acts of Service

We like to think gifting is an act of service! (All jokes aside, we really do think so though) Being given a scarf can help you whip an outfit together really quickly! If you follow our style formula, you will learn how much more conveniently your day begins, with one less thing to think about.

4.Quality Time

Once upon a time, we had a scarf called "Al Gahwa" (translates to coffee shop in Arabic). One of our customers bought this particular scarf to gift a friend of hers living in the US to show her what traditional coffee shops looked like in the Gulf, as she was a woman who thoroughly enjoyed spending her time in coffee shops. This story is a perfect example of quality time with a person resulting in an impactful and memorable gift. Alternatively, taking a gift when going to spend quality time with someone can make the time a little more special.


5.Physical Touch

We’ve been told our cashmere feels just like a warm hug. The feeling of the material envelopes the wearer with such warmth, yet is still delicate enough so that it remains light in weight. The importance of physical touch in Annada products is ever present in the medium selection we choose to work with, only using the finest silk, cashmere, and even paper, we make sure it’s all pleasant and luxurious to the touch!
I loved the idea of the languages of love, and hope you choose to communicate your love through any language you choose artfully with Annada this Valentines Day.
Lots of Love,
Nada Alawi

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