The Art of Gifting

When we first started Annada we designed our collection, with the intention of creating the perfect gift, even for yourself. It’s important to treat oneself, and to celebrate the purchase you make. I have always been passionate about gift wrapping, a skill over-utilized by my mother (definitely paid off for over the years). Today, at Annada, it is something we carry into the packaging of each product, further amplifying the gifting experience.
My Birthday is coming up in November (one of the reasons why I love fall!) and I love to celebrate it for the whole month, I even call it Hala November (Hala is a casual Hello in Arabic). 
Birthdays have always been special to me, I love connecting with my friends through them, they are a great way to celebrate the people in your life. The last big birthday party I had was 10 years ago and since then I gravitate more towards small intimate celebrations throughout the month, as I get to enjoy each friend or small group. An especially enjoyable part of any birthday, of course, is receiving gifts!  When a celebration is small and intimate you can show your immediate appreciation for a gift as the giver would often love to see your reaction. 
I belong to the school of thought that says ( أنا غنية وأحب الهدية ) which translates to “I am rich yet I still love gifts!” The meaning of the saying speaks more to the value of being gifted, rather than monetary value. Gifts excite me beyond measure, especially if I receive something I’ve had my eye on! It feels good to know that someone was listening, and knows me well. It’s wonderful when someone dedicates significant thought into giving you something meaningful.
In essence, I have realized how the importance of gifting to me has significantly shaped Annada’s DNA. Giving is becoming a lost art that needs revival. Yes, I do love expensive gifts (who doesn't) but the value of a gift is not in the price, but in the thought behind it, it’s magic! Other elements matter as well; story, quality and beautiful packaging. A lovely box, with ribbons and tissue paper, makes the unboxing anticipation that much more intense.  
Once I open a gift and experience all its elements it becomes hard for me to part with it. Gifts are meant to be enjoyed and not stored or re-gifted. If it's an ornament, display it. If it's a fashion item, wear it. If it's a book read it or display it in your home. Sometimes I even keep the packaging, it might sound crazy but I realized a lot of people do too! 
In the spirit of inspiring you to give the most beautiful gifts, here are the three commandments that I believe can make a gift special! Achieving one will surely make your gift memorable, achieving all three, that’s a jackpot!

1. Thoughtfulness

Putting a little bit of thought and effort into what you are gifting is more valuable than the gift itself. Listen in conversation and take mental notes of the person’s likes, dislikes, and if they are keen on something particular. This may even be an act of kindness, and not necessarily a material gift. This shows appreciation beyond the material, and makes for a memorable gift!

2. Presentation

The devil is in the details, and that includes presentation and packaging! One of the joys of opening a gift is the anticipation, and the ceremony of the “unveiling”. The presentation can add tenfold to the beauty of a gift, it also places value on the gift given, as it has been presented with care and attention.

    3. Craftsmanship

    Quality in the finish of the gift communicates value, and also gives longevity to a gift. A high-quality gift (not necessarily in monetary value) will ensure that the recipient will cherish the gift for a long time, and therefore make it memorable. 
      Life is short and it's meant to be enjoyed, so gift, receive, enjoy, compliment and love! 
      What is something essential when you give a gift? I’d love to know!
      Lots of Love, 

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