Your Ideal Piece of Accessory

Audrey Hepburn’s Story 

Reading one of Audrey Hepburn’s biographies “Dutche Girl” by Robert Matzen, which was mostly her life before she became Audrey. The biography mainly discusses her early life and childhood during World War II and how she later became a world sensation. Until this day, everyone still admires and loves Audrey and wants to duplicate her style. The interesting part of her story is that after the war there were many people who did not have plenty of money to spare, and Audrey  needed to go to auditions looking great and presentable. She only had one outfit: A black skirt and top combo, a hat, black shoes and 14 scarves! She wanted to look chic, stylish and different every time she went to her auditions. 


The Possibilities Are Endless 

I have always thought and looked at my scarves this way. The combinations of outfits and styles that were created just by adding a number of scarves to the accessory mix are endless. All that is needed is really an open mind to mixing and matching colors and prints when possible. Yes! Even print on print is an extra dramatic possibility and if done right could result in a very beautiful, over the top and a conversation-starter outfit. Aren't we all looking for that?!!

I personally have done both. I have put several scarves on the same outfit and styled them differently and I have used the same scarf over and over on many outfits. All in all a scarf is always a great style idea. It is light, easy to carry and does not take plenty of space. It is something to consider very much at this point especially since travel is back and strong. I love that we can easily create that impression with the right accessories and look powerful and great just by adding simple pieces in the colors or shades of colors that work for us. 

Lady Boss We’ve Got You Covered 

Many of our women in leadership positions or aspiring to be in leadership positions need to look great, smart, very stylish and move fast and travel light. For these characters, lightness is very important, especially when they travel for meetings or interact locally with people. The same thing applies to closet space. This makes scarves the ideal accessory as they take much less space, but they hold a great personality and add drama that is needed to your style character. 

I love how every year we create more of these possibilities and create more and more scarves that people love, enjoye and gift. I cannot wait until we surprise our community with our newest art selections and how we transformed them into scarves so that our art collectors would appreciate them, their art and their stories.  

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