Nada's Ramadan Tips

Ramadan has arrived this year for the second time during the covid-19 pandemic. It's a month the whole Islamic nation looks forward to. It has several elements tied to it. A religious element, a dietary element, a social element and believe it or not a fashion element. When it comes to fashion we go for modest and comfortable pieces with many traditional factors.
Ramadan Daily Routine
During the day it's very plain. It is minimal to endure the hours of fasting. Minimal makeup, minimal colors, minimal style. Get the day over with, at the time of breaking our fasts the festivities begin! After Iftar, the mood shifts to celebration, we wear our jalabiyas and dresses. We go for loose, comfortable, colorful and surely a fully accessorized look. We celebrate these festivities with family and friends. It's usually a wonderful celebration. On the regular days, when we are with our small (nuclear) family, it's a simpler occasion but the gathering for Iftar is still important.
The New Normal
Before Corona, our Ramadan evening program was filled with activities and social events like Ghabghas and gatherings. We always wanted to look our best during these times. Right now the situation is different but we still like to dress up for the evening, spend some time with our close family, focus on our spirituality and most importantly be happy and enjoy the blessings of the month. Even though we need to minimize our social interactions, we can still enjoy some style options for our own pleasure and I will share some with you for different occasions and mindsets.
Nada’s Ramadan Style
Annada is part of my daily style, even in Ramadan I transform the pieces to look more Ramadany and suitable for that occasion. Of course the most obvious choices are the Abaya and the Abaya dress! They are great for a Ramadan elegant evening or outing. It's a super chic look that can show someone’s luxurious personality and style.
Ramadan Hacks
Yes! Pairing these outfit ideas with Bahraini Gold for a Ramadan touch is going to be key.
List style ideas:
1. Abaya with a matching headband
2. Art dress with a slim
3. Headband and artlet
4. Scarf with jalabieya
5. Different combinations of Annada items - Scarf + Tassels
At the end what is important is what you feel about yourself and how you can enjoy your time with what you can. What I want you to know is that any of these pieces can be styled for Ramadan and for after Ramadan which makes it a great investment.
Enjoy and I hope you share with me some of your Ramadan Annada Styles!

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