A Word From The Heart On The Bahraini Women's Day

Happy Bahraini Women's Day

In this blog post we want to acknowledge all the Bahraini women around us.
First we would like to acknowledge Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of His Majesty the King Hamad bin Isa AL Khalifa for her continuous support.
We highly appreciate her efforts in providing the right programs for us to thrive as businesswomen,  and for granting us the Seal of Excellence of Entrepreneurship. We love that the seal is a beautiful piece of jewellery rather than a trophy, she even supported us as a client by choosing many of our pieces and even giving us constructive feedback. 
We want to acknowledge our mom who always pushes us forward and is our #1 cheerleader, motivator, business development consultant, promoter, and caregiver. 
We want to acknowledge our sisterhood. We are sisters, friends, business partners and each other’s Rocks. Mashallah and may God give us the inspiration to keep this up for our entire lives. 
From here onwards we will give recognition to groups of amazing phenomenal women in our journey without naming names but you know yourselves, yes you do! 
We want to thank every woman in a leadership position in any entity that either helped us progress as a business, gave us orders, or just made our lives easier. Thank you for being there for us. 
We want to acknowledge our inner circle of girl friends, yes, you know who you are. Funny enough, each and every one of them is an Annada girl! We love that level of loyalty and support in our friendships. 
We want to recognize all the Bahraini women artists that we at Annada have transformed their artworks and shared them with the world in different ways and mediums. We at Annada love and appreciate you.
We want to give appreciation to all the awesome women at Annada, 95% of our employees are women, Bahraini and expat alike. You are all great and serve the Annada purpose so well. In every step of your way and every activity in your journey in this amazing company, you give happiness through art.  You help create great gifting experiences every day and you contribute in creating quick style solutions for women on the go. You are there to support this wonderful vision, and we thank you and love you for that. 
Now we come to the biggest, largest, awesomest group of Bahraini women. Our customers & clients. Thank you for believing in us, Thank you for giving us a chance. Thank you for continuing to be there for us. You have helped us create a great, strong, world class company and brand. You helped us thrive and grow. Everyday you inspire us to create and give you more. You, yes! You! Our beloved Annada woman, girl, and collector. You are awesome and amazing. We cannot thank you enough for all the continuous love and support. You are our guide, our daily and constant inspiration. You are our motivators, our coaches and cheerleaders. Thank you for being with us all these years. Thank you for pointing out the direction for us and showing us where to go.
Thank you for your beautiful heart and soul. We too love you and want to keep serving our purpose towards you. We want to make you feel good about yourself and to feel happy and inspired through art, look super chic and stylish quickly, and always be gifted, by yourself or others. 
Lots of Love..  

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