A Letter of Love for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day we would like to dedicate this letter of love to all the motherly  figures in our lives. Of course, our mother sits on top of that list, but we also consider her mother, our grandmother, as a strong and very important mother figure. We are also very lucky to have my Aunt Aysha, my mom’s sister, whom since we were born till today is like a second mother to us. 


Grandma Mariam Ali 

Our grandmother was known as Mariam Ali, it’s so awesome she had one of these double names. She was a great woman. No human being who met her did not talk about her greatness and generosity. She loved all of her grandkids and smuggled sweets to all of us without our parents knowing. Actually, no one dared to disagree or confront her. She was the type of a woman that ruled with gentle power. We remember walking into her room while she combs and braids her hair. It was long, henna colored, and divided into two braids; she then covered it with her light prayer headscarf. Our grandmother watched cartoons with us and she was just full of love and kindness. When we were very young, our mother used to be a working woman, so we spent our mornings after kindergarten at our grandmother’s house.


Aunty Aysha

Aunty Aysha was young and unmarried at that time, so she too has taken good care of us. She was the one who taught us both how to dance and how to pray. She did our Gurgaon in the most special way! We would get nice fancy candies, and we remember her putting dolls for us as well as other toys. As we grow, Aunty Aysha is slowly starting to resemble her own mother, grandma Maryam Ali. 


Our Mother 

Our mom is no different in generosity and hard work. She taught us the value of work and how important it is to always do your best till perfection. She is always pushing for more and better for us.
There are many things we do like our mom. It’s funny as we look now that we like to dressup and wear makeup just like her. We all love lipsticks and we take after my mom for loving the same perfume which is Sisely’s Eau Du Soir. She used to buy it from when we were teenagers till today. Sometimes when your mom is around you feel like you are still a child. She is always there, loving and protecting. 


Our wishes on Mother’s Day 

For this Mother's Day we wish our mom, and aunty a long healthy life, filled with lots of happiness, joy and pride. We want them to never feel lonely and to always feel loved and taken care of.  

How lucky are we to have these amazing moms? We are very grateful to get all that love. We wish all of your mother figures a very happy Mother’s Day!


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