20 Questions with Nada

A month of joy, hope and spirituality, even though we spend this Ramdan again away from our families and loved ones, we can feel the blessings of the Holy month bestowed upon us all!
Everyone is now trying to adapt to what's called the new normal, Nada has been asked 20 questions about her new routine in Ramadan and some helpful tips!
The Love of Sambosa Is The Only True Love!
Food is a great deal in Ramadan and there are two kinds of people when it comes to Iftar meal, some like to experiment and try new recipes and some like to stick to the traditional dishes usually served at the Iftar table. Nada doesn't cook but she sure loves her samboosa! She usually likes a healthy and light meal to break the fast. As it is with so many others, Nada states that "Home with the family is the best place to be at for Iftar".
Tips Found To Be True! 
The best tip to overcome the fasting hours as Nada says is to hydrate, your body loses a lot of fluids and drinking a reasonable amount of water at night, and eating hydrating fruits and vegetables. Another highlight Nada shares of her new routine is to try and be productive during the days of Ramadan, by switching Quran reading to morning, to better study it and carefully recite the verses. 
Annada's Latest Gossips! 
Nada has been in the art and fashion industry for a long time and this year marks the 10th year for Annada. When asked about her first-ever sold design, she answered "Birds of a feather flock together" scarf.
Our interview is concluded by Nada stating the one thing she misses the most before the pandemic, which is being with people and the physical touch aspect we all miss.
Whether it's Ramadan's precious moments, scrumptious foods, or unmeasurable blessings we really love, this time of the year is certainly one of the best!
Watch the full interview with Nada below. 

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