The Different Ways To Wear A Long Scarf

A long scarf is in many ways the most wearable shape in any scarf collection. This shape offers ease of wear that is simply unmatched. The Annada long scarves are the ideal classic throw on for your accessories or your look.

It adds that effortless touch of art you are looking for and comes in a range of luxurious fabrics, including Cotton Silk, Silk Voile, Silk Georgette, Super Fine Wool, and Cashmere. Wake up excited everyday to discover a new way to style your scarf!
The Classy Knot
If you’re hesitant about what style to go with, you can always opt for the classy knot. Why not? It is simple, chic and timeless.
The Friendship Knot
This style looks as sweet as its name! doesn't it? Like the friendship relationship between two friends, this knot binds two separate sides together.
Classic Headcover
An effortless look for the Hijabis! Simply wrap your long Scarf around your head and then pull it over your shoulder, and you’re good to go.
The Vintage Headcover 
Just one more wrap and one more knot added to your classic headcover can get you a totally different look!
We hope you enjoyed these styling tips as much as we did! There is true joy in experimenting with various styles, fabrics and artworks!

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