The Statement Headpiece

I have always been fascinated by hats. I think it began with the chic ones I saw in old magazines that style icons have worn since the beginning of the 20th century. The images I saw were always of women in western culture, they wore them as super feminine accessories. They sat as beautiful adornments for different occasions on their hair.
It made me wonder why we as a culture (in the Gulf) have not picked up hats as part of our style or wardrobe. I guess there are three main reasons;
1. We’re an indoor culture because it’s simply too hot! (I personally disagree, 8 months out of the year are quite pleasant, however, we do have 4 months that are very challenging).  People almost always transport in vehicles and prefer to socialize indoors. Making the hat an unsuitable accessory choice for many.
2. Culturally, we are also quite modest. Traditionally, women of the region also used to wear a dress called the “ Daffa” which was pulled over the head. Today, many women choose to express their faith by wearing a hijab, which is a headdress in-itself. To double up with an additional hat also seems quite unreasonable given the geographical heat. 
3. It can be said that wearing a hat also serves a purpose outside of being a beautiful accessory; protecting you from the cold or the sun. So, it's ideal to wear for tea in a garden or if you’re going somewhere like an Ascot’s racecourse, which is not the cultural norm in the region.
I’m sure there may be other reasons, but I assume these to be quite common issues we may face when deciding to wear a hat in the Gulf.
I have been observing dressing styles over the years, and have come to realize that how you adorn your hair or head is as important as the outfit you are wearing.
Even when my sister and I were little girls, our mother used to tie our hair with ribbons for school. It took little effort and creativity. That final touch made a world of a difference; giving a glimpse of our personality in an otherwise bland uniform.
You could say in the Gulf we have our own interpretation of head or hair accessories. Many women experiment with the style of their hijab, while others use alternative hair accessories to express their personality and character.
Being creative in wearing the hijab can be fun for sure, this is one place where I suggest to find a successful style formula and keep using it. Have fun on special occasions.
As a result of my obsession with the idea of headpieces, we created the braided headband at Annada. I am literally obsessed with it! I feel like I am wearing a tiara or a crown in my daily life. It's elegant yet dramatic at the same time. To me not only is it a quick convenient way to style my hair, but it also keeps it away from my face. 
It makes me so happy when I see beautiful combinations of headbands and outfits on our customers. They looked so feminine and attractive.
I love adding a hair accessory that is special. It says “Hi, I am here, and I am unique!”.
How do you like to style your headpiece? I’d love to see your interpretations! 
Lots of Love,
Nada Alawi

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