3 Styling Hacks For Ramadan

Nothing to wear?
Here comes the loveliest 30 days of the year, the time to spend magical nights with your loved ones and surely how you dress for those occasions matters the most!
Picture this, you have a Ghabga tonight and you’re running in circles trying to find something to wear. Here’s the thing, we both know YOU DO! You’re just not excited to wear the same thing twice.

As always, we got you covered! Here are 3 hacks to upgrade your look.
1. Color Cover!
You know when a glare hits you and you lose focus on everything else because that’s the only thing you see? yes, yes, wearing something that has a pop of color would shift people’s focus and be able to spot you from far away! Whether
it’s a bright red lipstick or a vibrant touch of color, no one will notice that it’s the same dress you wore last week! Better yet, wear a piece of art
and turn heads at every Ghabga! 
2. A Strong Base.
Buildings cant go right without a foundation. You can’t go wrong with the perfect shoes! Add some stride to your walk with our newly released sandals! Lace-up your Annada sandals with an artwork of your choice.
P.S. You can switch up the laces with different artworks to match your outfits.
 3. Accessorize.  

Darling repeat after me: “ DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT”
No matter how much you think that you’re fine without accessories, you’re mistaken! From earrings, The Artlet, jewelry, hair accessories, or belts, those details play a huge part in how good you look!


There you have it! Mind these 3 hacks and you’re good to go.

*Ghabga: the event in which people gather late night in Ramadan for the last meal before fasting time starts.
Lots of Love!
Annada Team.

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