Annada at Art Bahrain 1.0

The first edition of Art Bahrain is an extremely successful one and we, at Annada, were extremely honored and proud to have been part of it. Art Bahrain was a festival to commemorate the art and acknowledge artists and talented professionals in the field. While immensely excited by the artists and crowd that attended the event, I was especially impressed with the vast range of art on display. The air was filled with optimism, as everyone was eager to meet, connect, and discuss possibilities, giving a wonderful feeling of positivity. 


It is, firstly, important to take note of how superb the venue was! A whole island was constructed and built in days! As if entering the Sultan’s tent in a scene from 1001 Nights, the minute you walk in, you are wowed by the atmosphere, lighting, and art. Another interesting aspect of Art Bahrain 1.0 was the relation of painting vs. sculpture and local vs. international artists. The mixture was fascinating as it provided a diverse plethora of works that can be admired by different tastes. I recently attended a talk by Dr. William Baker in which he explained the 6 qualities by which an artist can become an entrepreneur. I was delighted to find that 4 of these qualities, which are also highlighted in his book, Every Leader is an Artist, were successfully presented and put together by Art Bahrain for the publicThese qualities are; engagement, critique, authenticity, and context.

As mentioned before, the art selection was excellent and diverse, as it exhibited various ideas and philosophies. Being a Creative Director at Annada, I was especially delighted at how the art pieces made me feel! Many evoked feelings of happiness and others simply made me curious. People often ask us how we select and curate art pieces to feature in our collection, the answer is simple: we base it upon the way the piece makes us feel, particularly, if it’s of happiness, romance, curiosity, positivity or just awe for their beauty.

Our participation in the first edition of Art Bahrain has been a wonderful opportunity and the right step for Annada, seeing as our purpose is to “Share Art with the World”. We help bridge both art & fashion by incorporating beautiful works of art to fashion accessories. It was marvelous to meet artists whose work we would love to feature in our collection, happy clients who wanted to see what’s new, and new curious faces that wanted to get to know us further. It was all unfolded naturally; the crowd that visited the show was sophisticated, very much interested in art, and had the trained eye and taste to enjoy it. We were, also, able to connect and build relationships with art galleries whom we look forward to partnering with, and most importantly we were able to build, hopefully, long-lasting friendships. 

Both my team and I cannot wait for Art Bahrain 2.0 and the possibilities it has. We are quite eager to be amazed by what it will bring. Looking Forward to seeing you all soon.

Founder & Creative Director - Annada 

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