#Trending: Think Pink This Winter

As we enter the New Year in style, today we give attention to one of the most attractive colors for all girls – Pink. It is safe to say every woman has owned something pink at one time, and it continues to be a closet staple and favorite at Annada. Incorporating pink shades into your outfit is a must, easily done through accessorizing to keep you looking contemporary and fun. As we become more courageous with color, pink can be a color that's as daring as it is dainty.
So leave any preconceptions at the door – pink is the color of the season!
With winter in full swing, it’s time to embrace one of the color trends of the season. While we may think of pink as a color of our childhood, pink is a color worn by those who are truly strong-heart ed. It’s the color we see as representing compassion and true love. Maybe that is the woman in us talking, but pink defines playful glamour and charm, and we are not ones to shy away from the color! Implementing pink tones keeps your outfit refreshed and fun rather than opting for dull colors. It allures and engages, and remains to be a color on our palette all year round. From pale blush hues to super bright tones, pink remains a major trend and we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it. Inject pink hues into your outfit and let the color illuminate your winter days, as this winter we’re thinking pink!
Annada has featured several artworks with various shades of Pink to stimulate our senses while instilling confidence and spirit. Our pink accessories add an instant shot of color to a muted outfit.



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