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Love is an unexplainable feeling, but to unwrap a carefully chosen gift feels just as good! With February just around the corner, we are nearing the most special and endearing day of the year – Valentine’s Day! What better day to pick out gifts for friends, family, and loved ones than on the day of love itself.
‘Gift’ is a word that brings joy to each and everyone’s heart. At Annada, our belief is that a gift is a gesture of appreciation to express feelings of love, affection, or gratitude. Gifts are priceless; they have a hidden value that can be cherished for generations.
Gifting certainly has different etiquettes in various cultures and religions – but that is a subject we will delve into in a later post – for now; Gifting is an Art!
The Art of Gifting means putting thought and intimacy into choosing a gift for a loved one and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to remind someone how much they mean to you.
As important as choosing an item is, the whole presentation and unwrapping ceremony of the gift is just as important. Choosing a gift may be a precarious decision, but considering the tastes and style of the receiver makes a gift meaningful. Putting a little thought into selecting the perfect fabric, color, or story of a scarf goes a long way!
Little remains after a gift is selected, as we take care of the packing and wrapping for our clients whether they are gifting themselves or a loved one. Each carefully encased item comes in our signature teal box, wrapped in delicate tissue paper along with the story of the scarf or accessory. To wrap it up, all is then sealed with a bow.
To personalize the experience of receiving a thoughtful gift, a handwritten note is important to share feelings of love, appreciation, or gratitude.
To make a gift even more special, some choose to combine gifts with flowers, chocolates, or pair it with another gift. These are personal choices that elevate the gift when sometimes simplicity triumphs all.

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