Raving About Red

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but the color of love remains a favorite in our wardrobe this month! Crimson, scarlet, cardinal red, our palette includes these bold and fiery shades as winter comes to a close and we welcome spring! Red is an empowering color, it is the heartbeat of fashion that gives every woman a sense of confidence and vibrancy. A dose of bright color to match a sunny day or a pick-me-up shade for when it’s dreary out, this color extends our winter wardrobe into spring. 
As the color we know to represent love, passion, and desire, red lets you flaunt personality in any way you choose to wear it. A show-stopping shade, it’s important to pick the perfect shade to flatter your skin tone and create a balance of brights and neutrals.  Red is powerful, energetic, and everything we love when accessorizing our neutral look with fierceness and vivacity.
Annada artistic silk scarves create the ultimate accessory giving a look of luxury for every season. Take inspiration from our array of fabrics and colors to create the perfect tonal palette! Our favorites include bright red scarf ‘Shurooq’ to take center stage as a statement accessory, or an Annada red leather belt to tie it all in. For a classic approach, roll up the sleeves and pull up the hood of our burgundy leather jacket and let the silk artwork ‘Reflections of a Pearl’ be a subtle tease of the color of the season.

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