You’ve heard it right! ANNADA has revealed its new identity. Do not worry, we are still keeping our/your beloved signature ANNADA teal as it comes at the core of our brand. However, after 11 years, change is inevitable. We have made this decision to help us better communicate with our current and future customers. We wanted to create something that will even stand out more clearly and be more prominent. The new identity is a result of hard work in the past 20 months and now we are ready to bring it to the light before you. 


The new brand has two variations of the logo, the first is in English for a more international exposure and the second is in Arabic stay true to our heritage.





If you look closely at our new logo you will find that every letter in ANNADA is actually the Arabic letter noon (ن). This is taken from the first letter of the founders' names, Nada & Noor. But, that is not the only reason, just like in the old logo we wanted to focus and show our pride of our roots and Arabic language. You can see that the rhombus shaped dots give some kind of calligraphy effect to the logo and are actually derived from the Arabic (nuqTa) that is also part of the letter (ن). 




We have also created a logo icon that you will soon discover within our products and communication. In this, we have combined two (ن) letters and an (N) in a single graphic element that represents the brand. The intention was to create something strong, prominent, timeless, simple and clear. 




Our slogan remains the same as it has and will always serve our purpose. However, we have updated the text style to match the new logo.  


We have created 6 icons reflecting our 6 brand values. 

  1.  Art: The icon is self explanatory as it is the core of our business. We take the art out of its traditional setting (the frame) and into your lives.  
  2. Joy:  The teal arabic dot (nuqTa) draws a smile shape. This icon represents one of our main purposes as a brand, which is to bring happiness through art. 
  3. Giting: We promise to provide a great gifting experience for our customers through our packaging, stories and art selections. 
  4. Fashion: Quick and classic fashion solutions that can be styled differently according to each personality.  
  5. Lifestyle: Creating art pieces that can be incorporated in ones daily life.  
  6. Art Collectors: Building strong connections with the community of art collectors is also a brand purpose.



This pattern is a playful take on the logo. You notice that each element in the pattern is actually a letter in the logo, placed in different angles. The free random placement indicates that our brand is fun, flexible and it does not follow the rules, just like art.  The pattern is always used as two-colored in order for the rhombus shape to show.


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