Are We All Artists?

 The other day, my friend asked me who I considered an artist, which led me to think of whom I called artists. The first people that came to mind were the classic artists; the painters, the sculptors, the designers & the musicians.

In our Annada world, we’ve been collaborating with quite a few artists from the art-scene in the region. The kind that everyone calls an artist; the ones who create art pieces for living, have their own art studios and exhibit their work to the public.


These are some of the artists that we've worked with whom we admire, love and always anticipate their latest work!      

Being an observer by nature, I went about my week with this thought before my eyes. As I looked around I saw art everywhere! When I sit at a restaurant, I start noticing the artistry in food. When I am at a party or a gathering I notice how everyone has different tastes and how they lay out their food in particular ways, for instance when it’s beautifully arranged in a colorful sequence… Art!               

One of the examples in my opinion is Maya Chocolates & Delices! The first thing everyone associates Maya with is their chocolate fondue, that might be because of the great taste and also because of its art of presentation. They also continuously create chocolates, desserts, and cakes that are beautiful, colorful, and most importantly yummy. 





Another unconventional artist that I came to know and admire is Yann Bernard Lejard a chef that presents his Art by using food and edible ingredients in his delicious dishes. His artistic paint-like colorful splatter transforms your whole experience into a memorable encounter just like you would think of an art piece in a gallery. You should definitely try his dishes at Plums in Ritz Carlton Hotel Bahrain. A sure treat, I promise!



Our one of one Yann Bernard Lejard Pocket Square where we transformed his beautiful assortment into a timeless silk piece.

It seems to me that many things we do in our lives require a sense of art! Consider this, you wake up every single morning, choose your outfit, your accessories, your hairstyle, and your makeup to express the best image of yourself in the most articulate way you know. All of us express our thoughts, moods, and dreams in a way that is genuine to ourselves. We are all unique in the heart in our own ways, so let me tell you, “YOU too are an ARTIST!”.



 So let’s start believing that each one of us is an artist of his own kind. Let’s trust our inner selves and spread a little more magic and leave a lasting impression everywhere we go. Let’s all be our most genuine human selves and live in a beautiful world where every single gesture can be noticed, enjoyed, and appreciated. After all, art is a lifestyle!


Lots of love your way, 



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