Color and Me

  I was always in love with bright happy colors and their effect on me and the people around me. However, I must say that I was first introduced to color as a science by my friend @coach_abeer who is a color analyst and a life coach, then, I met @thegraciousF who is a color expert and consultant and went into further depths about the psychology behind color and its effects.   
I have actually done color analysis sessions with both ladies and each one of them offered a somewhat similar takeaway value with different styles, which I loved and tremendously enjoyed. It’s an experience I recommend for everyone to experience at least once in his or her life! 
When I got my colors done both experts said that I was matched with a golden/autumn color palette, one of them went ahead and told me I had a winter subordinate personality to go with it, which explained quite a few things to me! I was happy to know the best tone of jewelry for me is Gold as I love gold, that doesn’t say white gold is out it just says I would stand out better in Yellow gold! Now I can focus my jewelry investment on yellow gold!  
I consider myself to have good taste when it comes to shopping and selecting my clothes and outfits, however going through an experience like this took it to another level. I know we are attached to some colors, I admit; I love pink, I love every shade of it, however, some shades of it are great on me and some not! It is much easier to accept that fact and move on. I have accepted that bubblegum pink and turquoise blue are not for me, while deeper shades of pink and pink with a touch of peach work beautifully on me. Trust me, when you look great in your outfit you feel like you can do anything! 
This does not say you cannot wear red or yellow or blue. What is says what shade of red, yellow, or blue suits you best. You would even discover new colors that you have not even considered to be great on you! I have resisted that for a long time, however shades of brown, orange, and deep reds have a powerful impact when I wear them. Try it next time you are in a party full of people, think who are you intrigued by most, what feelings and impact you get from different people (from the way they are dressed, of course).
Furthermore, It was interesting to me to learn that blue is the color of intellect! For example, erudite blue (in case you missed that, it's from the movie divergent, the intellectual segment of people wore blue uniforms), isn’t it interesting that all of this science is used around us while we are strongly drawn to it? This explains a lot of things; Green is the color of universal love, yellow is the color of friendliness and orange is the color to entice hunger, however, if you don’t want to be hungry eat from a blue dish, it will suppress hunger (great tip for serial dieters out there!) 
The great news is that you don’t have to throw your closet out! You should be able to accessories your favorite outfits with different layers and accessories like scarves and vests, statement necklaces and broaches (my fav! After scarves of course) to bring in the colors that suit you best into your outfit.
It is interesting when some things that are used and integrated in our daily lives are taken for granted when they could be so powerful when we put some thought into it. Don’t be afraid of color. Love it, embrace it and let it take you on journeys of great feelings and happiness; it is a lot of fun and people notice when you’re having fun.
So, if you have not done your colors yet, try it! It’s a fun experience and you only gain knowledge that will benefit you and make you a more impactful and influential person! 
Lots of love your way,

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