The 'It Bag' Effect

There’s an undeniable trend going on that has all of us hanging and tying beautiful little things to our precious, precious bags. It is not new, nor uncommon for us to want to add accessories to our bags like a scarf or a key chain or even some bling! It seems, however, that it has become a must! If the bag is not embellished, it is your duty (yes, duty) to embellish it with something. 
Since we started creating our scarf collections at Annada, we have been playing with the same thought and idea. A few of the stores that stock us have even shared with us tips and tricks for how to accessorize different bags with scarves. In this article I shall talk about why it's a good idea to go all out, so to speak, with your bag, then I will share with you some ideas and how to apply them. This is for all you fun-loving and super-efficient ladies out there!
  • I am sure many of you will agree with me that our bags are extensions of who we are at this point. Nowadays, I carry this super structured bag that can take all of my 'important stuff' and my iPad. Everything is tidy and organized. It can expand or collapse to my wishes. I call it the smart girl bag because that is who I am right now.  Sometimes these bags could use a little more personality and character, they need to be more exciting. You can achieve that ‘little something special’ effect by knotting a scarf on the handle or wrapping it around the handle. 
  • A second use is a preservation! Some leathers, especially the soft ones, need a lot of care around the handle area. With time and use, you will notice the leather-wearing out. Wrapping the handles with a scarf or scarves (see videos!) will be necessary. 
  • Function and Fashion. When the weather is shifty cold/hot, hot/cold it's a good idea to have a scarf around, knotted casually and fashionably on the bag, for you to reach for when it gets a little too chilly for us!  
How can you accomplish this elegantly and beautifully? Look below for a few instructional videos provided by Annada just for you!
    1. Fashionably protect your bag handle with a super chic and super artistic slim!
    2. It can be as simple as  knot!
      3. A few braids never hurt anyone!
      4. Got a bigger scarf? No Problem!
        5. A little charm can go a long way!

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