3 Winter Essentials

Winter is here! The days are cold, the noons are warm and the nights are chilly. So how should I dress, you ask? Since the weather changes throughout the day, it’s best to be prepared for all the different temperatures. Through the years, I have come to learn a few more tricks…“Layering”! Yes, you read that right. Layering; a shirt, a scarf, a jacket, or coat is how I like to do it. You can’t go wrong with this sequence!
 First comes a shirt of your choice whether it's long or short-sleeved and while you have that first layer on, go ahead and throw on a vest to complete your second layer. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t find the perfect one easily, the best pieces are the hardest to find. Yet, if you are not too keen on vests, you can always opt for a cardigan or a classic windbreaker coat.
As for your top layer, you need to find that essential coat that you can keep on wearing year after year. To me, the best one to invest in is a classic cut coat that comes in a color that suits you, made of warm practical, and lightweight fabric and fits effortlessly over a couple of layers. You can choose between a good long coat or a leather jacket, it’s your call. Just don’t forget, you might need to invest a little more for a long-lasting piece.
When shopping for a coat or jacket, the most important aspect to consider is the fabric composition. So do your homework before hitting the stores. If you're considering a fiber coat, then the material should mostly be wool, cashmere, camel hair, angora and the list goes on. Basically, look for a high percentage of natural fibers in the coats fabric composition. Tip; If you’re confused about what coat to go with, consider the thickness, this can be determined by simply having a feel of the material of the coat!

One of my favorite go-to coat is the double-sided stitched wool. It’s light, super warm, and doesn’t have any lining. I found one at Max Mara and it’s amazing! The flair it has is unlike any other coat I own, I find myself styling it more than any of my other coats.
Another favorite of mine is a windbreaker with polyester on the outside and fillings that are usually natural warm fibers. Despite the immediate warm feeling you get, they sometimes look like you’re wearing a quilt and turn out bulky. Do you want my advice? Look for the ones that are tailored at the waist and definitely try them on before making the purchase.
Leather Jackets are another great top layer when the weather is breezy, and it's the perfect way to jazz up any minimal outfit! The softer the jacket is the more practical it is to wear it day to night. When we designed our Annada jackets the first thing we considered was adapting to the different seasons, everything from the silk lining to the baby lambskin leather was put into consideration.
Last but not least, easily throw on a scarf to complete that winter look and have your own unique style statement. This can be the accessory piece and the neck warmer piece at the same time. If you decide to find warmth with silk, make sure to cover your neck properly and have it knotted to your own comfort. On the other hand, cashmere and wools would offer you better warmth and coverage and no knotting is required, jackpot! If you know me, you know I would never be caught leaving my house without my coat in winter!
Ultimately, these are basic suggestions that will surely guide you through choosing your outfits and winter essentials. Just don’t forget, your winter look can be chic and sophisticated with a few easy tricks. Be brave, pull off that unique style of yours, and show the world (or just us, if you’re shy)!
Lots of love your way,

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