All-inclusive classroom and on-the-job training covering the complete process for establishing, operating and managing everyday business.

• ANNADA corporate culture, business ethics, brand value and market positioning.
• The relationship between art, fashion and lifestyle. 
• Products mix, inventory balance, and optimum space allocation.
• Step-by-step (turn-key) plans for establishing a new ANNADA store in the target market.
• Site selection criteria, and store opening plans.
• Store interior and exterior designs/identity, décor and furniture and fixtures.
• POS & IT system including inventory management, sales, and cash control.
• Visual merchandising, product categories, window display space and design, and seasonal displays.
• Retail space management and allocation, display features; scarf bar, accessory fixtures, display trays.
• Customer service, upselling and personal sales techniques.
• Pre-launch and annual marketing plans and local store promotions.
• Day-to-day management and operation of the business.
• Store cleanliness, maintenance, and security.