#Trending: A Sea of Blue

The color of the ocean and sky, the color blue surrounds us every day. Associated with tranquility and calmness, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity. Found in exotic gemstones of sapphire, turquoise and topaz, blue is a reflection of nature’s beauty. For this reason, artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Vincent Van Gogh used ultramarine and cobalt blue not only to depict nature, but to create moods and emotions perceived through color.



Annada’s featured artists do the same. We have selected a wide variety of different shades of blue to work with your mood, desires, and taste. 

Today’s artists are carrying on the tradition of using blues to express and create emotions as Matisse wrote; “A certain blue penetrates your soul.” 


Being the color of wisdom, an intense blue can make a statement without being brash. It would turn a cozy sweater, notch-color coat, or swingy dress into something startlingly original. On the other hand, deep blues would pop against white and are sophisticated with black.

So, add touches of one or both to an ensemble. With its cool shades and tones, the color blue complements every complexion, from porcelain to dark chocolate.



Annada Scarves in Blue



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