6 Years of Annada

Today we celebrate 6 years of Annada.
What a great journey. This journey has enriched us and taught us a lot. I almost remember every moment and every challenge and every win as well like it was yesterday! 
I must say that we are (myself and Noor) are grateful! We are grateful for all the great artists who have worked with us and who have supported us and our dream. I am grateful for my team of passionate Annada, I want to say soldiers but they are the most talented young ladies and a gentleman. I am grateful for our success and creativity. I am grateful to each and every one of our customers and clients who have helped us reach where we are. Annada is successful because you have believed in us and our brand and you wanted Art to be part of your life. 
When we started Annada 6 years ago we saw it growing but to be honest I have not envisioned this glamour! The learning and the journey we had, the choices we made and the recognition we received have always pushed us to do more.. to learn faster to present a better product at the end of the day to our customers. We were constantly challenged mostly by ourselves to be spectacular. It is interesting when you do something and your target is to win over you again and again. 
Since we started Annada it has become our life! We truly did it because we wanted to share the art of the region with the world. Day by day we are seeing that this is getting closer to us. We want the world to be a happier more beautiful place and we want to contribute to it. That is why our slogan is “Illuminate Your World” we want to bring it down to the individual’s happiness and the community. 
We want to create experiences for people to enjoy and learn about their culture and heritage through the Arts. We hope that we have achieved that somehow. We feel we have entered people's homes and hearts through our work. That we are immensely grateful for! 
In the end I wish us continuous growth and success and the ability to wow all of you with our work and effort. 
Lots of Love from Annada to you!
Yours Truly, 
Nada Alawi

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