For the Love of Leather

When the temperature drops, we can’t wait to bring out a few of our favorite winter staples. Nothing defines the season of rain, snow, and crisp air better than the fashion-forward outfits to follow! With leather, wool, and cashmere, our winter ensembles stay chic as always to keep out the chill. Cold weather calls for layering and combining your favorite pieces into a unified look expressive of your personality and style. The process of layering light and thick with a range of textures and fabrics lets us create fun statement looks, the best part of the season!
With this in mind, say hello to Annada’s latest winter collection, the coveted leather jacket.
From a pure baby lambskin leather exterior to a delicate silk interior, we present the sartorial accessory of the season. Soft to the touch and alluring to the eye, the flawless mix of leather and silk creates a statement and trendy piece to take you through the seasons in style.
Each jacket features quilted leather sleeves and four pockets with gold and black rhodium hardware to accompany. To reveal the artistic masterpiece within, roll up the sleeves or pull up the detachable hood. For ultimate versatility opt from 6 colors: black, navy, beige, maroon, brown, and green.
Leather jackets have always been essential for an edgy winter or spring look, paired with silk artwork within; we have created the perfect fusion of luxury. For a refined finishing touch, incorporate an Annada wool or cashmere scarf to liven up your layers.

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