With Love, From Annada

Everyone knows that love makes the world go round! The word itself has so many meanings, but what we certainly all know is that love is a beautiful thing! Love is a powerful feeling, and the emotions attached to it are what make us human. Love can make time stand still, feed the soul, and make our hearts skip a beat. When February 14th rolls around each year it feels wonderful to be able to spread love to those who matter in your life; friends, family, a significant other, or even yourself!
There’s much more to Valentine’s Day than candy hearts and roses, it’s a day to celebrate the beautiful friendships and relationships we have formed in our lives. It’s a day of sharing, giving, and appreciating those we love the most, and nothing feels better than spreading the love with little surprises and gifts!
At Annada, our philosophy revolves around love. Love of art, love of fashion, and love of sharing beauty with the world. We take pleasure in being a part of your special day, so this Valentine’s we combined two of our favorite things, luxurious scarves, and decadent chocolate, to create the perfect purchase for our shoppers! Every Annada accessory is a reflection of our passion for curating enchanting artwork, selecting the finest fabrics, and creating the perfect package for customers – all done with love. From artwork straight from the heart of the artists to sumptuous silk scarves, our never-ending desire to share Annada's artistic creations with the world drives us to inspire customers through each scarf story. Annada is a representation of art, fashion, and an expression of love all in one little box.

Nothing makes us happier than spreading feelings of adoration and affection through our teal boxes, so as you pull away from the white ribbon and open our carefully packed box, that’s our way of wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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