The arrival of March signifies one thing – springtime! Sunny days, nature’s beauty and good weather define the most beautiful season of the year. With every blooming flower we say goodbye to grey skies and cold nights and prepare for bright colors and new looks. It is finally time to leave the thick coats behind and bring out charming and lighter pieces. With a busy month ahead, we have much to look forward to as Mother’s Day and Easter approach. We’re looking ahead to prepare as a busy month means new wardrobe looks to start the season refreshed!
Out with the old and in with the new! Spring is the best time for renewing your color palette and starting afresh. Pastels, florals, and bright accessories ensure a seamless change from winter to spring. We’re thinking fun, flirty and chic as we wrap our classic square scarf “Spring is Here” around the neck to begin the season.
Annada scarves are a reflection of the beauty around us, and with a collection featuring many florals we have the perfect silk accessory for you. Light and airy, each silk scarf is the sartorial essential for a pop of color and vivid contrast to neutral looks. Draped across the body or left loosely at the neck, we’re obsessed with scarves to enliven our outfit. For a little extra glam, we’ve extended our favorite winter jacket into spring! Annada leather jackets give the perfect amount of edge and with a silk interior; we’ve combined our favorite textures into one. 
In sharing art with the world, Annada aims to share beauty with the world. Many scarves depict nature's beauty, a fitting theme for the month! We’re looking at “Serene”, “The Fountain” and “Foog El Nakhl” for a statement accessory to lead us into March with effortless style.

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