Hello, Fall!

Hello, Fall! Hello to all that is crisp and gold, to the desired shift in color and to a warm wardrobe! The dark lipsticks are out with pride and the snug scarves are adorning our outfits, adding all the essential touches to a perfect autumnal #OOTD.
Summer’s colors around us begin to fade making way for the cooler weather and we are loving every second of it. It can be a challenge to find the perfect hues and fabrics to adapt to the seasonal changes, but a balance between layering and colorful accessories is key! It’s time to step out in style with bold colors and keep an eye on the details. After all, fall means exploring the darker and richer color wheel to find the best combinations for a wondrous look.
This fall we’re looking at beautiful long scarves in wool and cashmere to seamlessly take over our summer accessories. Hence, Annada scarves are the art, color, and inspiration of all timeless accessories. For a distinct outfit expressive of our personalities, we are choosing colors that complement the various skin tones while giving accentuated silhouettes.
While everyone is bringing out his or her picks of chilly weather favorites, we’ve made sure to curate a luxurious selection for you to stay stylish and on-trend! Our cashmere and wool from our exclusive collection with artist Shaikh Rashid Alkhalifa “Volume R”, are the top items to reach for during this unsettled season. ‘Pulse of Light’, in cashmere, and ‘Pulse of Imagination’, in super-fine wool, are sure to brighten up a gloomy day of changeover weather, yet still, complement your edgy fall look. Alongside, our “Studies of a Horse and Rider” super-fine wool scarf, from our collaboration with New York’s Dahesh Museum of Art, which carries the light and airy advantage, in weight and print, to get you through the day when the weather is just too confused!
As for those of you brave fashion-lovers out there, there’s nothing more exciting than combining textures of leather, silk, wool, or cashmere. A play with fabrics and statement seasonal pieces give an added sense of elegance, and then a scarf ties it all in a one of a kind look. Later on, when the temperature starts being unfriendly, it would be just right to don Annada’s calfskin leather jacket and layer your look! Its delicate silk lining and fine leather exterior make it our favorite piece to throw over the shoulders. Detach the hood and roll up the sleeves to reveal the chic artwork within. If you are the experimental type, try to mix and match with your favorite scarf and find that groundbreaking color combination. Giving an edgy touch to a classic look, Annada leather jacket is a piece to desire.
Transitional weather can be quite unforgiving, but we hope we’ve assembled the right picks for you to get through the season in style! With a few touches of art and color here and there, you will surely leave a bit of warmth and magic wherever you go.

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