Horse & Rider: A Classic Art Collection

We are absolutely bursting with pride to finally be able to share our latest collaboration with you! Having had it under wraps for so long, we are proud to finally say; It’s here and we think it's perfect!
We've worked with New York based, Dahesh Museum of Art to give the beautiful illustrations of 19th Century French artist, Rosa Bonheur (1822 - 1899), a new life on silk. We’ve been absolutely mesmerized by the artist’s Studies of a Horse and Rider, which is a compilation of mid-stride renderings of horses and their riders capturing the detailed musculature of each horse and its mystical aura. We are so pleased with the results, as transferring the illustrations from wove paper to silk seems to have given them vibrancy, a silky sheen, and an enhanced illusion of movement.
As an Artist, it was no secret that Rosa Bonheur used nature as a muse and felt passionate about incorporating animals in her work. She carefully observed her environmental surroundings and was known for being a frequent visitor of horse fairs and slaughterhouses, where she studied her subjects up-close and in detail, all while dressed classily in men’s clothing for comfort (yes, we are in awe). She put together numerous studies in forms of sketches, which she then used as references for her final paintings. Needless to say, we were ever humbled to have been able to work with her art.
The collection is composed of three mini scarves, a square scarf, and two longs; one in silk voile and another in superfine wool. The minis come in light blue, light peach, and light grey. All three make a perfect selection of men's pocket squares adding a dash of culture and sophistication to any suit. The square, in light peach as well, is sure to give you a beautiful structured drape when worn, and so enhances the hand-sketched horses on the scarf. The silk voile long scarf is delicate and airy, a textile, with movement, compliments the feeling of motion given by the artwork.  As for the superfine wool option, it is ideal for the cooler months and is sure to make the perfect conversation piece. 
When the Dahesh Museum of Art first approached us to collaborate, we jumped at the opportunity to work with their classic collection. The museum is the only institution in the United States dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting works by Europe’s academically trained artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Working with them came naturally seeing that we share a common cause; love and appreciation for art that needs to be shared.
In addition to the collection being sold in Annada outlets, it can also be found in the museum’s gift shop in New York. For more information about the museum, kindly visit their website
We sincerely hope that you fall in love with the silk translation of this artwork as much as we have and that we have done it justice. A little bit of history added to your everyday wardrobe sounds just right, doesn’t it?

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