Mother's Day Gift Guide

Each artwork that we share through our products has a story, a history beyond the visual connection that one makes with an artwork. Similarly, every mother has a different story, and a unique connection with those around her. Is there a mother in your life you would like to appreciate, but just can't seem to think of the right gift?
Here's our guide for every kind of mother in your life, and the art they might connect with.

The Heartful Mother
Walk the Line by Shaikh Rashid Al Khalifa

The Heartful Mother
Walking alone in one direction,
This is how my story started.
Line by line I made connections
To find my way wholehearted.
I will go the distance, I won't look back.
I have all the strength to help me stay on track.
Every line, every turn,
holds a lesson for me to learn.
Every second, every minute,
builds up my hopes, builds up my spirit.
The Colorful Mother
Zahra by Areej Rajab
The Colorful mom
In the good times and the bad I see,
a flower in red delightfully speaks.
The dancing petals gracefully bloom,
under the bright sun and the luminous moon.
An endless symphony
of what life has to share.
What we have for each other is
more than a flower affair.
The Passionate Mother
Inta Omry by Hassan Haidar
The Passionate Mother
I’m taken to the old days through your eyes...
Reminded of all that has passed... All the tears...
All I’ve seen before I laid my eyes on you...
Doesn’t count.. A life gone as if never been..
My life... My sun... My morning shine...
Every sweet moment... My everyday’s delight...
Derived from “Inta Omry” a song by Umm
Kulthum, the most renowned Egyptian singer.
It was considered to be a “Summit Meeting”
being the first collaboration between Umm
Kulthum and Mohamed Abdel Wahab (1964).
- Written by poet Ahmed Shafiq Kamel.
Composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab.
The Strong Mother
Weaves of Hope by Faika Al Hassan
The Strong Mother
New faces, different places,
is all I see in the midst of this mist...
Bits and pieces wipe the traces of my footprints
on the remains of sand and fog...
Slowly but surely shines a ray of hope ...
Making threads of unity
to weave my enchantment cloak ...
I am positive, I am strong,
I am the future of what my past has evoked.
The Loving Mother
Roses by Lynn Spoor
The Loving Mother
Into the night a falling star came through,
I wished for love and then I met you.
With a flower crown over my head,
you broke my heart, you’ve split me in two.
Now every night before I go to bed,
I find myself thinking of you.
Because if all the roses were red
and all the violets were blue,
then there is still a reason to find;
a love so grand, someone to hold on to

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