Reflections by Nada Alawi

It’s the end of January, and like the rest of the world, we were hardwired to spend the month reflecting upon last year as the numbers reset again. However, we are not believers in the “new year, new you” phrase, we’ve adopted more of a “new year, same you, but better” mentality. We believe in knowing who you are, blossoming with your intact, and moving towards better and more exciting things! Therefore I, Nada, decided to write you a little letter, for you to get to know us further and to achieve our goals together.
Annada is the Arabic equivalent of Al-Nada (الندى) with Arabic stress (ّ‭  ‬) on the N/ن, this stress eliminates the L/ل  when pronounced; giving you Anne-ada. It comes from my name because the brand was born from a time where believing in myself, dreams and aspirations, kick-started the most exciting journey that I have ever been on. It also comes from art and the personal experience it gives you; an experience of enlightenment, being lost in a world of fantasy, and ultimately embracing who you are, and unfolding through it. 
Having been born and raised on an island, I’ve always looked to the sea and found endless possibilities, comfort, and brilliance. The glittering body of water that stretches out to the horizon represents new beginnings; it’s as if the line is asking you to go beyond it. The colors, of blue and green, have the ability to delightfully lift your spirits up and wash over you a calm assuring wave of trust in the universe. These elements have grown to be important to me and I eagerly wanted them to be represented in Annada; hence our signature teal box! It felt like a natural move to build the brand with this as its main color. Now, looking at our boxes, I always get a rush of optimism, and I hope you do, too!
Art is important. I cannot stress that enough. It matters and we need it. It is thought-provoking, beautiful in its subjectivity, and cleansing to the soul.
 We go to museums and expose ourselves to different artworks to understand the complexity of the human mind, to apprehend their thoughts, mixed with their emotions, and unravel the messages they’ve aimed to communicate. Our history, culture, and identity have been protected from time through the very practice of art. The middle east may be lacking in areas, but it has never lacked in art. It may be the most progressive region in this field and this has yet to be properly conveyed.
I felt the need to share our masterpieces, it seemed almost selfish to simply keep this magic that I was experiencing through our art scene to myself, and thought what better way to do it but through the ultimate method of self-expression; fashion? The core reason for Annada has and will always be, to share art, and to illuminate your life with it.

2017 will be a year of beautiful surprises. We have some new products coming that we are especially proud of; they’ve been our babies for the past few months and we can’t wait for you to see and meet them! We are also working with new artists and beautiful new artworks and can’t wait to share what we have in store with you!

We know, as a brand, that your support and feedback makes us better, we would love to hear what you would like to see from us, hearing from you will always bring light to our days as you are as vital to the brand as we are, so don’t be shy!


Thank you very much and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Much love,

Nada Alawi 


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