Style Lessons from Jane Birkin

Ever have those days where you’re looking for 70s style inspiration or learning the style ways of a french cool girl? Us too… perhaps more often than we’d like to go on record admitting.
Whether it’s surfing the web from your comfy corner on the couch, or falling down an endless staircase of Instagram accounts - you’d be hard pressed to not come across an image of Jane Birkin looking ever so chic.
Although a native Londoner who started her career as an actress - today she is most recognized as the style icon you can’t help but think of when referring to “je ne sais quoi” effortless style.
Known for her messy fringe, bell bottoms, and wicker basket that she managed to make chic all year round… after all - the Hermes Birkin was named after the stylish actress and singer.
Her seemingly “accidentally perfect” dress sense makes her the perfect style study. So, we outlined the best fashion lessons to learn from Ms. Birkin. 
Jane Birkin: Wrap it Up
Lesson 1: Wrap it up
Birkin famously carried a basket she found at a Portuguese market instead of a leather bag, the handle of which was often wrapped with a silk scarf. It was said that she was even denied entry into high brow clubs because it didn’t fall in line with the dress code; she notoriously refused to part with it. Get the look with one of our slim scarves.
Jane Birkin - Jewlery Is Not The Only Option
Lesson 2: Jewelry is not the only answer.
She was often captured wearing a silk scarf wrapped around her wrist instead of jewellery. A  bohemian chic way of accessorizing, and adding interest to her effortless style. Get the look with one of our mini scarves.
Jane Birkin - Be A Gentlewoman
Lesson 3: Be a Gentlewoman.
Birkin often took style cues from the boys. She was quoted as saying “at one point, you’ve got to give up the dresses. They make you look older. It’s like makeup, at a certain age stop playing with false eyelashes. Otherwise, it becomes terrifying.” She is still seen wearing menswear-inspired silhouettes to this day. Here she is in a velvet suit uniquely styled with a pocket square to add feminine flair. Get the look with one of our mini scarves.
Jane Birkin - Monochromatic is Classic
Lesson 4: Monochromatic is Classic.
A monochromatic color palette has been trending in recent years, however, Birkin nailed it in the 70s - proving how the look stands the test of time. Add one of our monochromatic scarves to refresh your look.
Jane Birkin - A Belt Is Never A Bad Idea 
Lesson 5: A belt is never a bad idea.
A belt is the perfect way to uplift a simple outfit, enhancing your silhouette and even adding interesting texture and detail. Tie a scarf around your waist a la Birkin. Shop our square or grand scarves to get the look. 
Jane Birkin: Two Is Company
Lesson 6: Two is company… 
Sometimes, more is more, take a page out of Jane’s book and wrap two art pieces for extra flair. Shop our Silk Voile scarves to get the look.

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